Welcome to New York!

You can never witness a similar energy to that of New York’s. Nobody has ever visited New York and left with her heart intact; you’ll fall madly in love with this city.

New York is a city where creativity reign supreme, with a gallery at each corner and concert halls everywhere. There’s no shortage of imaginative works everywhere you look. Even restaurants are marrying different cuisines and dreaming up different delicacies.

Whether you’re visiting or living here, you can’t possibly get enough of New York.

In New York, you’ll find a summary of the human race. With a MetroCard, you can see the world, visit buzzing neighborhoods that houses a multitude of cultures and ethnicities (see: Queens).

The people, the food, the art: Everything about New York is different from any other place, which is why so many visitors come back for more. Furthermore, no New Yorker can imagine living somewhere else.

With that said, let’s explore the sights, attractions and things to do in New York:

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